Wagworld is honoured and so happy to recently have visited and donated some much needed blankets and beds to the Kitten Cottage in Philadelphia, Western Cape.


Paulette started rescuing kittens from the age of ten, and her love for these little bundles of fur have only grown stronger and stronger over the years.  They do amazing work in rescuing mommies and babies that were abandoned.  Some of these little bundles of joy arrive in terrible states, and with lots of love and care, they get nurtured back to health and Paulette finds them perfect forever homes.


What is cuter than a bunch of kittens in a Cupcake.  Too adorable for words.



While visiting a couple of kittens, only a few days old, were dropped off.  Paulette immediately started taking care of them with a smile on her face and with so much tenderness


At Wagworld we strongly support adopting over shopping, and how can you say no to these cute faces.   
They have loads of kittens at the moment, looking for some loving homes.  
Please support their amazing work by making a donation on their website.