Earlier this year, a little girl with a big heart named Mia started volunteering at Uitsig Animal Rescue. She spent her volunteering time playing with the rescued cats and kittens in order to help build their socialisation skills and find them homes. Shortly after Mia started volunteering, Uitsig Animal Rescue were forced to move out of their Durbanville premises and relocate to Melkbos Strand. Unfortunately Mia was no longer able to volunteer at the shelter as she had no way of travelling the long distance to their new premises.

On 12 September, Mia turned 8. For her birthday she asked for no gifts, but instead asked her friends and family to donate cat food to Uitsig Rescue. She told them that “I have lots and the cats have nothing”. WagWorld decided to get involved in this wonderful act of kindness and donated beds to go along with Mia’s great donation.

Uitsig Animal Rescue is a no-kill organisation that currently has over 600 dogs and 90 cats, all looking for their forever homes. Due to their recent move, they are in desperate need of food for their animals and after all the amazing care they give their strays, it’s an amazing organisation to support! The aim of Mia’s birthday party was to educate her friends and family on animal adoption. 15 kids were invited to her party and each one had to complete an adoption form and received a plush cat toy. After the party, Mia and her friends took all the donations to Uitsig Rescue and spend some quality time with the cats and kittens. This was all Mia’s own idea and what a wonderful idea it was!

If only more people could be as compassionate as young Mia, the world would be a much better place for animals and humans alike. When young people shine a light on their community by helping out from a place of innocence and love, it really shows the rest of us just how to live our lives in support of the people and animals around us.

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