We love our dogs, we have had our crew for a number of years and our lives have adjusted to living with animals. It has been the whole reason why we do what we do. We are lucky to run our own business & we are able to take all 3 with us to the Wagworld factory during the day.

Dogs require a lot of time and energy. Below are 5 important things to consider before you head out there to find yourself a new best friend.

1. It is a 10 – 15 year commitment. 

Dogs develop big bonds with their humans and fellow animals in the home. Change in owner can be extremely traumatic, you therefore need to be prepared for the responsibility involved in owning a dog.

Dog owners need to be able to provide food, water, healthcare, a roof over its head and love.
If you live alone and work for 9 hours a day, make sure you can afford to have them looked after, walked and possibly find a great local doggy daycare for them.

2. Financial Implications of owning a dog. 

Dogs come with a heavy price attached to them. If you are just making it through the month on your income then a dog is not for you. Medical attention can be very pricey, food, treats, toys, bedding, grooming, etc can really add up. On average it costs R12 500 per annum just for the essentials.  Make sure you are in the financial situation to be able to afford a dog. And best sign up to a dog medical aid, if something goes wrong it can save you thousands.

PS: Wagworld beds are made to last!

3. Buying the essentials before your pup arrives in your care.

Being ready for your dog helps, make sure you have all the basics

  • Water & food bowls (Any pet store will have, try get stainless steel or ceramic)
  • Food (find out what it was eating besides milk)
  • Collar & lead with a name & number tag (New Wagworld range coming this Summer)
  • A great, comfortable Wagworld bed  (the Cupcakes are great to start with, then once you know if your dog likes to curl or stretch out, you will be able to pick his/her fully grown bed)
  • Blanket for those cold nights
  • Toys
  • Car Seat Hammock (also can be found in the Wagworld range)

4. Dog proofing your home

Dogs, especially puppies, love chewing & eating random items in and outside the house. Just like a child, you have to dog proof your home. Doing this before they arrive will be of great benefit to both you and the new addition. Dogs dont understand the difference between a toy or a sock and you dont want to be making a trip to the vet to have the sock removed from your dogs digestive system.

Making sure all the gates and doors are safe from him/ her getting out onto the street is of high importance.

5. Socialising your dog

Finding a good trainer and dog socialising group is great to start doing as early as possible. This will help with the rest of your dogs life. Having a well socialised dog can make all the difference, especially if you want to go away and take him/her along with you.

Stay away from public places close to informal settlements before your dog has had all his injections. Learn about Parvo, as it is a life threatening disease for dogs. Here is a good link to learn more…


We hope you have found this helpful !!


The Wagworld Team


IMAGE CREDIT : Andrew Pons