We love our customers! Below you will find some great feedback from happy customers. Our products are all locally produced and made with love. 

Please note that no dog bed is indestructible, we strive to offer the best quality products for beds, but we cannot guarantee any of our products against sharp little teeth and claws.

Interior Futons  (4 Star Rating)

futon Interior-Futon-Multi

Jamie, South Africa. 5 January 2015

Great Product, just as advertised.

Ingrid, South Africa. 25 February 2015

Excellent product! This is the 2nd WagWorld item I have purchased for my dogs & I am very happy with the quality of their products.

Santie, South Africa. 24 February 2016

Great product, my doggie loves it. Inner does lose shape a little but over all good quality product


K9 Castles  (5 Star Rating)


k9img2 k9castleimg

Kiran, South Africa. 5 January 2015

Great product that my dogs love. The material quality is great, very tough but comfortable enough. Cleaning is easy enough, just the size makes it difficult to manoeuvre. Price: 4/5 Durability: 5/5 Comfort: 4/5

Shelley, South Africa. 7 July 2015

Beautiful Beds. The dogs love them. Delivered on time as promised. Great service … thanks guys.

Glenys, South Africa. 19 February 2014

Strong, good quality bed that will last a very long time. It looks neat and nice colours to choose from. My doggie loves it!

Laverne, South Africa. 30 December 2015

I was very excited to receive my K9 castle – it was well worth the spend. Tough and durable outer fabric and substantial padding supports the dog and keeps them off the floor. The inner cushion offers an option of a warmer or cooler side, and is washable. I put a rug over the inner cushion for easier washing. My dogs love this bed – they climbed into it immediately. So far this bed seems to have lasted the pups!! A good buy.

Nadine, South Africa. 5 January 2015

Our PitBull and Jack Russel loves their new bed!! Great quality, very impressed!! Well worth the spend.

Rob, South Africa. 29 December 2014

I have three dogs fighting over this bed 🙂 The inner pillow could have been made of a stronger material I think, as this is already torn a bit!

Daniella, South Africa. 18 February 2014

Excellent service! Very happy with the beds!

Barbara, South Africa. 11 July 2014

A superb product. A 5* bed for our dogs.

Mathew, South Africa. 4 March 2015

My dogs immediately climbed into them and even stay off the bed now…


Paw x 4 (4 Star Rating)



Michelle, South Africa. 17 November 2015

Great and durable, still in perfect condition even with a teething puppy.

Ason, South Africa. 1 December 2014

Great product! The dogs loved it straight away. Although it is heavy the handles make it easy to move and carry around. Definitely worth while.

Nicolaas, South Africa. 8 November 2014

Uitstekende kwaliteit: Buite EN binne! Baie tevrede.

Keri, South Africa. 25 January 2015

Great for dogs that won’t persist in demolishing the seemingly impossible. My dogripped the insides out (XL). I’d still recommend it as a good outdoor mat, easy to wash, sturdy, etc. Just be warned, it’s not indestructible.


Car Seat Hammock (5 Star Rating) 

IMG_8543  hammockimg

Marietjie, South Africa. 7 January 2016

Best money spend

Yatheen, South Africa. 6 January 2016

Finally found something that will protect my leather seats from my doggy. Nice non-slip on the bottom. Fits well in my Kia Rio but even though the hammock is quitehigh my doggy still manages to jump from the back seat to the front. All in all it does what the product says. Seems durable too

Armand, South Africa. 14 September 2014

Despite the previous bad review I purchased this item. Pleased to say it works great in my 2-door vehicle. Suppose that eliminates the problem of the other purchasers hammock moving as my dogs cant jump into the car. Also I am happy with the general quality of this product.

Michelle, South Africa. 22 December 2014

Very happy with product.

Trevor, South Africa. 14 April 2015

Well constructed, and good visually .  Time will tell on durability


Nookie Bag (4 Star Rating)

nookiemain nookieimg3

Catherine, South Africa. 17 May 2013

Takealot – fantastic! I ordered this product late on a Wednesday night, and received the product (well wrapped and protected), early on Friday morning. The product itself is excellent, although you should definitely measure your dog first. I ordered the large size for my Boston Terrier, and he adores it! He is a snuggler, so this is the perfect product. It’s well made, very cozy and thematerial is very good quality. I’m extremely pleased.

Izanne, South Africa. 10 July 2014

Very Cute! Just what the Terrier ordered!

Helane, South Africa. 28 April 2015

Irecently purchased 2 Nookie Bags (large) for my 2 little Jack Russell girls, Roxy and Sadie. They love it to crawl into the warm sleeping bags and burrow and I am sure these will be a favorite in winter. The only negative is the size – I would have like the large to be a little bigger to allow more room to crawl in.

MEGAN, South Africa. 11 May 2015

My dog loves this little bag

Mel, South Africa. 11 May 2015

Very good quality and quick delivery. My cat is still figuring out that she should sleep inside and not on top of it, but hey that’s a cat for you 🙂


Winter Blankies (5 Star Rating)


Claire, South Africa. 11 May 2015

Great quality, nice and thick. would not hesitate to get a second one.

Karen, South Africa. 1 June 2015

What a wonderfully thick and warm blanket. Great size. I purchase the K9 Castle (size L) and it fits beautifully over that even when I tuck the sides in. Great purchase.

Kathleen, South Africa. 9 June 2014

Good size for large dogs. Warm and snug for winter – dogs love it!

Charlotte, South Africa. 19 December 2014

Super! Excellent quality and quirky. Wonderful brand to buy and always helpful if you need something out of stock. Love it! Only the best for my dogs. 10/10


Kitty Castle (5 Star Rating)


Shaina, South Africa. 8 December 2015

My cat absolutes loves her kitty castle, since we got it she loves lying inside. The cushions on the inside and on top are good quality and soft enough so that the weaving doesn’t push through. It is also tall enough for my cat to be able to sit inside as well. Because of the weaving it also doesn’t get too hot so she can lie in there all day

Jeanni, South Africa. 10 December 2015

Great quality! My cat loves it.