OUR Story

It all started in 2007. Chrissi just celebrated her birthday and was notified by her sister that she needed to collect a surprise gift at Cape Town International Airport. What she found was a pet-carrier with a little bundle of fluff inside. Lulu-Belle arrived! A little Pekinese puppy with the biggest heart and an even bigger attitude. Chrissi and Jasmina’s lives changed fur-ever.

Fast forward one year and little Lulu-Belle was about to have her 1st birthday. Chrissi searched high and low for a new bed for her little princess that was not only beautiful, but also well-made, locally produced, and would suit her personal interior style. After not being able to find anything suitable, she realized that there must be more pet-parents like her who want quality, stylish and locally manufactured products for their fur-kids.

With Chrissi’s background in counseling and Jasmina’s in the film industry, they had no experience in manufacturing, but they had a dream and a lot of passion. And so Wagworld was born, with a vision to create excellent quality, stylish, durable and comfortable pet beds that would complement your décor style.

More than a decade later, with the help of our amazing team, Wagworld is one of the leading pet bed brands in South Africa, and we are still staying true to our original vision. We are a registered Proudly South African company, and every item is handmade with love in our Cape Town based factory.

Supporting the local community and economy is part of our mission as a company and extremely important to us. We employ between 30 – 45 people in our factory, depending on the time of the year, and we also make use of local CMT companies thereby increasing our support and employment reach into our local communities.

We are committed to:
Pets – They are part of the family and deserve the best because they are worth it.
People – Creating employment and growth opportunities to our amazing team who are like family.
Passion – We love what we do, and we do it with pride and integrity.
Products – Creating high quality, durable and beautiful products.
Planet – Using recycled materials where possible and eco-conscious systems in our factory.

Shweshwe still carries a lot of ceremonial value in various indigenous South African

Shweshwe still carries a lot of ceremonial value in various indigenous South African cultures and is worn for special occasions to celebrate, acknowledge, and honour individuals through customs and rituals.

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