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Wagworld becoming PETS Furever

Wagworld was founded in 2007 as a love project. 15 Years later, Wagworld was acquired by PETS Furever. A family run company who’s founding partners, true pet lovers themselves, has fallen in love with the versatility of Wagworld beds.

PETS furever is taking this opportunity to evolve Wagworld by rebranding it to PETS furever, to better communicate the integrity of our brand and key values. Representing the same products with the added purpose of “happy pets are our commitment”.

Our iconic PETS furever logo displays a sleeping cat and dog, in a continuous line drawing symbolising harmony, calm, and overall happiness. A place where our fur friends can come to rest after a long day of their ‘work-related’ activities.

It is our mission to create pet beds and accessories with lasting durability and versatility all while providing the best comfort for your pets. We are devoted to offer the best quality products and constantly improving, delivering designs that are stylish, beautiful and fit in with current trends in the décor industry.

We are greatly focused on supporting the local community and economy of South Africa. We employ between 30 - 40 people, depending on the time of the year. Animals, community upliftment and family are at the heart of what we stand for.

We believe time, commitment, passion and love contributes to our brand identity. Our owners and staff are committed to grow the PETS furever brand ensuring your pets share in the best quality pet products in South Africa, creating overall happiness and joy for all.

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